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You can contract the full package of services, as described in the Methodology or just a sub set required by your company.

The companies that are analyzing an opportunity to do business in Brazil, with local manufacturing or just to sell products through a local partner or distributor, usually contract the Planning phase of the Methodology. In this case the following services can be provided:

  • Analyze the business opportunity and define Supply Chain alternatives, considering local manufacturing or just imported products;
  • Considering the Industrial Policy for TI area, define the local manufacturing minimum local added value, benefits and obligations for the product;
  • Financial analyzes comparing the Supply Chain alternatives;
  • Local CM - Contract Manufacturer assessment;
  • Local suppliers assessment;
  • Action Plan for the Execution phase

The Financial analysis will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet way to allow sensitive analysis and to facilitate the decision make process.

Others Scope of Work can be provided to meet your company needs.

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